Wednesday, 23 January 2013

This is a blank formatted diskette.

I have been following local band Forces since catching them by chance live and really liking their blatant Depeche Mode worship. This unique release is their debut single 'Ice' put out by Siberia Records in 2011 on a playable postcard. I hadn't seen this format before but apparently they were quite common in the 60s and have been making a resurgence with the increase in interest in vinyl. With a bit of research I saw the ever reliable Pirates Press press them, so I can imagine I will be seeing a few more of them around. 

The track itself is a pretty great 80s stomper, sounding as i mentioned before akin to Depeche Mode with more of an EBM edge. The band does a great job of capturing that hard 80s industrial drum sound with a harsh electronic snare that wouldn't sound out of place on Pretty Hate Machine. Give it a listen here.

You can buy a copy here.

Friday, 18 January 2013

All in Deeper Shit.

I spoke about AIDS in an earlier post. Was stoked to score this on Ebay a few months ago as it is pretty hard to come by. That said I have seen it pop up a few times. Definitely happy to have this as I really like the way they pull off their brand of fast hardcore.

The 'Fuckface' CDR put out by the now defunct (or at least very very quiet) Fuckface Records in 2003. My copy is part of the machine stitched red fabric sleeve with hand stamped face edition of 100. Another 25 exist in yellow envelopes and the material here was also pressed to flexi in 2004 and limited to 40 copies. I have missed out on the flexi version a couple of times on Ebay as it tends to blow up way outside what I am  willing to pay. Unsurprisingly the songs here are very similar in style and structure to the material on the Infection CS (recorded a year earlier). Extremely fast hardcore. One major difference is the vocals are shared between members on this release due to the departure of the former singer and as such vary depending which member is emptying their lungs. You can read more about this release at the bassist Rohan's blog here.

Friday, 4 January 2013

From tombs of scorn cadavers rise.

Kind of an obvious post this one. First press of Morbid Angel's 1991 classic 'Blessed are the Sick'. Very happy to add this to my collection. I have a massive amount of love for early death metal and the early Earache Records roster is pretty much untouchable. A lot of people have had a lot to say about him and his business practices but one thing cannot be denied: Digby sure had an eye for great bands.

This record almost defines the "classical 90s death metal" sound. Ticks in all boxes: mid paced riffing (still blinding in skill and dexterity) lower and more guttural vocals and muddy production. If you even have a passing interest in extreme metal and don't own this record in any form you are doing yourself a disservice.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Burning Chrome

This is a test press of Chrome Dome's 'Negative Vibes' 7" released by EXSS records in 1999 and limited to 150 copies. Picked this up from DX (of Distort zine fame) online when he was selling some records. Nothing fancy here just the record in a plain sleeve. Chrome Dome are a band I waver between really liking and finding incredibly annoying. Obviously i like them enough to pick up this test press.

Starting in 2009 and playing minimal synth with a heavy goth influence, Chrome Dome bring to mind the damaged synth of Primitive Calculators and the whole post punk "Small Band" scene they helped create. They strike me as a band that could only have formed in the art friendly incubator of Melbourne. Which is not to say this brand of synth punk couldn't be peddled in other Cities, I just find their whole approach to be for want of better words "very Melbourne". A friend of mine puts the classic battle between this way "Like assholes? move to Sydney, wankers more your style? Melbourne's your place". 

My small collection is pictured below. (From Left to right clockwise: Cut Ties 7" - Nihilistic Orbs - 2011, Self Titled 7" - NoPatience Records - 2010,  Self Titled Cassette - Psychotic Reaction - 2010).

Their self titled cassette and only full length (to my knowledge) wavers between slinky synth punk numbers ("Life is a Party") and tracks like "I Can't See Her" an annoying dirge featuring obnoxious vocals that sound like two people lost in a nightclub yelling at each other trying to indicate where one of their lost friends are over a cobbled together synth line. Despite their flaws I remain intrigued enough to steadily pick up their releases.