Saturday, 26 May 2012

Aquatic Equine

Drowning Horse are quite simply one of the best bands in Australia at the moment. Absolutely punishing live, they play a mix of drone/doom. Think Grief, Corrupted or Ocean. I picked up their live tape a while ago and I continue to listen to it on a semi regular basis. Perfect cacophonous and epic doom. Comes on a very cool pro-dubbed purple cassette (pic below).

Musicially this release reminds me heavily of Buried at Sea (whose 2007 Ep 'Ghost' is highly recommended). You can download pretty much their entire discography (including this tape) over at Drowning Horse. While you are there make sure you download "Live at Seizan". For a taste of the live experience there are a few performance clips on youtube, but it loses some of it's power without the experience of a live setting. I urge you to check them out if you get the opportunity. I also urge you to bring earplugs.   

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