Saturday, 26 May 2012

Mansonic Parasites!

Helta Skelta have been kicking around for several years, but only seem to have become more organised and active this year with the release of their self titled LP. I did catch one of their early shows but haven't had a chance to catch the rejuvenated band live yet. They play a mix of fast, loose, punk influenced hardcore. There is such a great fun vibe to this band, the riffs are so catchy and some could easily have slipped onto one of those garage punk records that were so popular 2 years ago. I have a complete (to my knowledge) cassette collection of theirs:

From left to right: Alternate Cover of Parasite, Parasite Demo and the Cassette version of the LP (available in limited numbers when you ordered the LP). Purchase the LP over at Helta Skelta Bigcartel & download the Parasite demo here.

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