Monday, 12 August 2013

Embodied In Skin

Went into Missing Link recently and picked up the Acephalix - "Patricide" 7" put out by Prank in 2009. Really dug their  "Deathless Master" album of 2012 so figured this would be worth a spin.

The material on this is re-recorded tracks from the 2009 demo and as such is very different to last years effort. This release leans a lot heavier in a Motorcharge metalic crust direction, worlds apart from the atmospheric death sound I was digging. Singer Daniel Butler employs a more typical gruff crust vocal style and the riffs careen along at a suitably cracking pace behind him but i just felt the songs, whilst being catchy enough, were lacking some spark. It's an enjoyable release in it's own right, but i can see it getting listened to a lot less than 'Deathless Master'.

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