Saturday, 29 June 2013

Cult Punk Sewer Witches

Picked this up on a whim from No Patience distro sometime last year but have only gotten around to giving it a proper spin now. This is the 'Attic Noise' 7" by Anasazi put out by Toxic State Records 2012. Toxic State have been responsible for a run of pretty decent 7"s, being responsible for the very cool Thriller 7" and the self titled Crazy Spirit 7".

Anasazi sound like the murkier end of the 80's post-punk/goth spectrum and as such i dig this 7" a lot. I dig the deliberately esoteric vaguely occult vibe these cats give off. Which is odd as i don't normally get into that "I'm a new-age pagan, but i like punk too" nonsense. If you like Lords of the New Church, Bauhaus, mid period Killing Joke, Christian Death et al it's a pretty sure thing you will like this. 

Excellent dudes over at I Could Die Tomorrow have put up a download and purchase link, so check it out and possibly buy HERE.

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