Saturday, 1 June 2013

Primitive Underling

So here we have it. Flesh Police's second demo. Had this one for a little while and I've been stupidly slack in posting about it. I heaped hyperbole upon their previous demo here and this new demo is just as deserving. The whole demo hits like a dirty bomb.

Dug the artwork and hand assembled/cut sleeve. DIY as fuck. Time consuming and tedious work but that personal touch makes a lot of difference.

As many others (Skullfucked, Operation Grindcore) have noted the recording has improved a tonne. Which, before you cry foul, works in their favour. Adam Findlay did a good job recording this. Personally I liked the absolute raw as piss, blown to hell shitty sound of the first demo - but this new recording really cleans up their sound giving the songs (many reappearing in slightly altered form) a bit more room to breathe.

The whole bands performance feels a lot tighter this time. Seeing as I have followed a bunch of his bands over the years I can confidently state Lee Yoresh's bass remains as solid and reliable as ever (read: awesome, do not read: boring). I don't think I mentioned the drummer (Olie Rundin) previously. I feel I should rectify this. Keeping the songs grounded with his pummelling, guy can really blast. There is a lot to be said about a good drummer and it's damn tough to find one who can both blast and swing.
Duncan's excellent guitar playing is in the fore of this mix and it's nice to pick out the riffs. "Consequence" & "Hour of the Goat" are standouts both featuring uranium soaked filthy mosh parts. There are a lot more grind parts and a lot less slow parts on this demo, which means when they do happen those slow parts really stand out.

What makes this band stand out so much for me is that they don't wear their influences so obviously on their sleeve. Too often "influences" is code for "bands we've most obviously stolen from" and you can't really say that Flesh Police sound like band X or band Y because they use their influences as just that, influences.  They weld, beat and graft those sounds into something new. A rarity in this genre which relies so much on recycling past glories.

You can listen to the demo here.

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