Friday, 7 June 2013

Whipping boy

Another purchase from Missing Link. The debut cassette by Brisbane based weirdos Multiple Man. Put out by Major Crimes records in 2013. The label dubs them "primitive future punk, poisoned new wave" .

Can't remember where i first heard these cats but i really dig this release. Slow dirgey synth numbers (Whipping Boy) share space with more upbeat songs (Photo Arrays). Reminds me of the excellent Tough Troubles, whose 2010 album "Illnesses" blew me away. Really like the Westworld/Factory Records style artwork of this release. Much as i hate to reiterate what other people have said, for an accurate description of where their sound lies Major Crimes pegs them as "for fans of Tubeway Army, Chrome and Caberet Voltaire" which i definitely agree with. Especially the Chrome comparison.

Listen here.

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